WEDDING PORTFOLIO | Wedding Photography

This page is a culmination of some of my favorite wedding images that I've taken over a 10 year period. I wish I could put all my favorite photos into this album but then the page would never load.

I have and still PROUDLY assist my good friend, Gavin Casey. a fair deal of these images were taken as the second shooter/assistant at his weddings. It's pretty crazy actually, I got hired to be a second shooter by one of best wedding photographers in South Africa(probably the best) and because of his help, years down the line my work has far exceeded my initial expectations.

Gavin is the best Jewish Wedding photographer in South Africa. If you can show me somebody else's work that can tell the story better than Gavin's, then we can argue the fact.  

The role of the second shooter, especially with Jewish weddings, is extremely important because the bride and groom are separated until the bedeken(the veiling ceremony). There are also so many beautiful moments happening throughout the day, thus making the wedding very challenging to shoot. From my experience, a Jewish wedding is by far the most challenging event and thus has the greatest potential for capturing beautiful timeless imagery.

Through my 'apprenticeship' with Gavin, I've been introduced to some of the most talented creative minds in the wedding industry, like Anne Mann Celeberates. The majority of my favorite images definitely come from Anne's weddings. Shooting her weddings is like taking pictures inside of a real-life painting and combining the photograph with timeless intimate human emotion and interaction. 

Some of the experiences at these weddings have been incredibly stimulating and thought-provoking. The speeches and moments that I've witnessed whilst shooting has given me great motivation and I'm very fortunate to have been exposed to so many talented people.