Al-john & Meg's Wedding at the Royal Cape Yacht Club

This wedding is very close to my heart. Al-john & Meg are two exceptionally talented, positive & upbringing individuals. There's never a time where you'd leave these two personalities feeling drained. I have a lot of love for both of them. Al-john hosts the longest running drum and bass radio show in Africa and is a true legend in the musical community. He will ALWAYS go out of his way to make sure that other people are having a good time before he does and at the same time and do in a caring & stylish fashion.

If it weren't for Al-john I probably wouldn't be doing what I'm doing right now. His commissioning of my services to document his parties, allowed me to hone my skills and become a better photographer. I have and always will have a massive respect and gratitude for both Al-john and Meg, for allowing me to carry on with my artistic path. 

This wedding was a mix of Meg's creative, musical & eccentric family, along with an enormous group of artistic people. I can promise you the Royal Cape Yacht Club has never had such a compressed amount of artistic individuals in one vicinity.